River Bodies Summary and Book Review By Karen Kutcher

River Bodies Summary

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It’s my body, my sickness, and I’m alone with it. You can be here with me, hold my hand, wipe my brow. But I’ll still be alone with it.
Karen Katchur, River Bodies

About the author

Karen Kutcher

Karen Kutcher is an American crime/mystery novelist. She had her bachelor's degree in science and a master's in education. Currently, she lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two children. Some of her famous books are River Bodies, Cold Woods, and many more.

River Bodies Theme

River Bodies is a crime thriller/mystery book. It is the first book of this series. 

River Bodies Summary


The story started with the arrival of Becca Kingsley to a small town in Portland. There her father, Clint Kingsley, former chief of the police was dying due to cancer and was under the care of a lady friend. While she was struggling with her father and her boyfriend’s mischievous behavior, a gutted body was found floating in Delaware river. The wounds in the victim's body seemed like a 20 years old case that's trail had gone cold.

  The only reason for a grown woman to return home as if she had failed in some aspect of her life. Or if her father was dying. Or both.
Karen Katchur, River Bodies


Later in the story, Becca found that her onetime long lost love Parker Reed was the lead detective of this case. As we go further, we see that Parker had convinced himself that chief Clint took so much morphine that he was not in any position to provide Parker any actionable intelligence. Later Becca and Parker crossed paths again and out of familiarity, a romantic relationship was blossoming but Parker was hell-bent to solve this case.

Further investigation revealed that this case had some sort of link with the local powerful biker gang, The Scions. When Becca came to know about that, she started to reexamine the knowledge that he had without thinking of its consequences. 
childhood memories

After that the changed the narration perspective and timeline of the story that clashed the past with the present and it also helped Becca to retrieve her childhood memories. Later in this story, we will find that this book is all about family history, conflicts, and grudges that can destroy everyone’s life. 

Overall speaking we can say that this book is really worth reading for. This book maintains the suspense that is really breathtaking. This book has all the spices that need to be in a perfect crime thriller/mystery book.   
writhing, knotting, tangling with the anger at her core. And buried far below all these emotions, there was something else, something that made her heartache.
Karen Katchur, River Bodies

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