The Winter Soldier Summary

 The Winter Soldier Summary

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Yes, Doctor, we remember her. She went to Kraków. No, she went to Jaroslaw. No, to Sambor. So to Stryj. She was from the mountains, Doctor, wasn't she? She was going home, she said.

Perhaps if you go there, they will know.

And on. And he would continue, a ghost searching for its flesh.
Daniel Mason, The Winter Soldier

About The Author

Daniel Mason

Daniel Mason is an American author as well as a physician. He took his BA degree in biology from Harvard University. His first book was The Piano Tuner. This book, The Winter Soldier is his latest novel. Till now he has written four books, The Piano Tuner, A Far Country, Death of the Pugilist and The Winter Soldier.

The Theme Of The Story

The Winter Soldier is the story of war scenarios and romanticism during WWI. The story is really spine chilling and it will take us through the life of a soldier and a nurse and how they managed to live their lives during that time. 


The story started in 1914 Vienna. Lucius, a 22 years old boy whose parents were not happy about his career. Lucius was pursuing a medical degree. Later he enlisted himself in battle because at that time his college offered that whoever was willing to enlist his/her name for the battle, would be provided with early graduation. But for his parents, it was an opportunity for Lucius to redeem himself via battle. 


Lucius was surprised to see the situation of the hospital where he was posted as a war medic. The hospital was at The Carpathian Mountains. The hospital was struck by typhus. Eventually, he found out that almost every medic had left the place other than him and Sister Margarete. At first, Lucian was having trouble dealing with these patients because he was really new to this and most of his knowledge came from books. So, basically, he had no practical knowledge. But in this situation, Sister Margarete agreed to help him understand these situations better. But as the days went by, Lucian grew feelings for her and others in that hospital.


All the patients didn’t exhibit the same or familiar symptoms. Some were easy to diagnose while some were really difficult. There was a patient, Horvath, he was dubbed as ‘The Winter Soldier’. He exhibited some extreme psychological and neurological breakdown. He was so stressed that he became mute and off from the world. Lucius was sympathized with this situation and decided to cure him at all costs. As the days passed, many patients came and deployed accordingly. But Lucius refused to let Horvath send away. This soured the relationship between Lucius and Margarete who later revealed that she was a nun as she told before. She lied to him because she thought that Lucius was doing that because of his own benefit, not for Horvath.


Later, Lucius was called home by his parents in Vienna. There he was forced to marry the daughter of an influential man, Natasza. In spite of loving Margarete, he agreed to marry her. When Lucius asked Margarete to marry him, she refused and ran away with tears. Later, he married Natasza but determined to find the whereabouts of Margarete. Eventually, he found that Margarete married Horvath and they were about to have a child. Later this helped Lucius to move on with his life and family. 

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