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 Wuthering Heights Summary

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 Wuthering heights quotes

If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn into a mighty stranger.
Emily Jane Brontë , Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights Author

Emily Jane Bronte

Emily Jane Bronte was born in 1818. She was a British novelist and poet. She is famous for her most renowned work Wuthering Heights. She also had a pen name ‘ Ellis Bell ‘. She died in 1848 due to tuberculosis.

Wuthering Heights Themes

There are many themes of the novel Wuthering Heights. But the main thing that everyone should know is the love between Catherine and Heathcliff. Although they love themselves madly, still they were parted due to the rising culture of capitalism at that time. The other themes are:
  1. Clashing Between Economic Classes


The novel was set in such a time when capitalism was changing not only the economy of the society but it changed the traditional practices also. As we go further reading the novel we will see that the love between Catherine who belonged from a very wealthy family and Heathcliff who was an orphan had slowly turned into an act of highly convoluted revenge and hatred. 

  1. Childhood and Family


The love between Cathrine and Heathcliff was so in balance that it was not just mere sexual desire. Their love for each other was strong but because of their age, they didn’t understand their depth of love for each other. Cathrine compared her love for Linton to seasons while her love for Heathcliff to rocks. This depicts how much she loved Heathcliff and her love for Linton. 

Wuthering Heights Summary

Victorian Era

Wuthering Heights is a book that contains the elements of gothic fiction. It was written in the Victorian Era. It is now considered a classic in English Literature. This book has inspired many adaptations like drama, radio, ballet and even a song by Kate Bush. This book has many critics because of the presence of extreme cruelty, the difference in social class, and childhood abuse.

This is just an overview of the entire novel. If you want to read and enjoy the whole novel, then you have to read the book. So, without wasting any more words lets jump to the summary. Hope you like it!!!

The story took place in 1801 when Mr. Lockwood was trying to find peace, lived in the south of England. He met his landlord, Mr. Heathcliff who lived in a remote land in his own farmhouse, Wuthering Heights. There Lockwood found strange things. He found Mr. Heathcliff to be a gentleman with a very poor and rather a very aggressive person, Joseph, an old servant with very ill-temper, a mistress in her mid-teens and a man looks like a family member yet dressed and spoke like a servant. 

It was snowing outside, so Mr. Heathcliff agreed to let Mr. Lockwood spent a night with them. Everything was going well. After dinner when he entered his room, he saw a few graffiti and books. Later he found that it was left there by a former member of the family, Cathrine. That night when he went to sleep, he dreamt about Cathrine. It was not like some other regular dreams. What he dreamt was that the spirit of Cathrine was trying to enter his room through the window. He woke up in fear and screamed and was gasping for air. Mr. Heathcliff came down and he uncomfortably opened the window in the hope to let Cathrine enter through the window.  
Mr. Haethcliff showed his room to Mr. Lockwood and he stayed in that room for that night.

The next morning, Heathcliff took Lockwood to Thrushcross Grange. After he visited Wuthering Heights, Mr. Lockwood fell ill and stayed there for a few days. He was also provided with a maidservant, Nelly Dean. Later Nelly told the whole story of both families of Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. 
From here we will see the actual story and history of both the families. Mr. Lockwood wrote everything in his diary that Nelly told him. From there we get the story. Actually, it is a story told to us by Mr. Lockwood. As we see that Lockwood has already become frightened so much that he becomes ill due to it. So, basically, the story has already got spooky. Lets what happens next!!!

From here we will basically read  Mr. Lockwood’s diary. Everything started about thirty years ago. Then the owner of Wuthering Heights was Mr. Earnshaw. He lived with his son Hindley, his daughter Cathrine and young Nelly Dean who was Hindley's servant as well as at his age. On his visit to Liverpool, Mr. Earnshaw found a little homeless boy and felt pity for him. So, he took the boy and brought him to his home and named him Heathcliff. As the day passed, the bond between Mr. Earnshaw and Heathcliff grew stronger and stronger. This made Hindley very jealous of him. Cathrine and Heathcliff also became closer. They played together and started to spend time together.

When Mr. Earnshaw came to know about Hindley’s jealousy, he sent Hindley to study at university. After three years Mr. Earnshaw passed away. Now Hindley became the legal owner of Wuthering Heights. He returned to his home with his wife, Frances. He agreed to let Heathcliff stay in that house as a servant. He not only did that but he regularly misbehaved with him too.

After a few months of Hindley’s arrival, Heathcliff and Cathrine started to spy on the Lintons’ of Thrushcross Grange. Lintons’ were brother and sister, Edgar Linton and Isabella Linton. When they were caught they tried to flee but were caught. Cathrine was bitten by the guard dogs and was taken into house whereas Heathcliff was sent home. Lintons’ were known as gentlemen at that time. They were very influential and belonged to the elite society. While Cathrine was in the Lintons’ house, she was groomed as a girl and how to behave like one. So, when she came back to Wuthering Heights, almost all her behaviors had changed and became more girly. To Heathcliff, she was a completely new girl. She even laughed at Heathcliff because of his untidy clothing and stuff. Next day, when Heathcliff came to know that Lintons’ were coming to Wuthering Heights, with the help of Nelly’s advice he dressed at his best to impress Catherine, but everything was ruined when Heathcliff and Edgar started arguing themselves and as a result of that Hindley locked Heathcliff in the attic. Out of anger and pain, he vowed to take revenge on everyone who was responsible to ruin his life.  
baby boy

In the next year, Frances gave birth to a baby boy and named him Hareton. But unfortunately, Frances died after a few months due to consumption. Loss of Frances made Hindley an alcoholic. He remained drunk throughout the day and he even started to ignore his son. As time passed, Edgar and Cathrine started to see each other when Hindley was not at home. They became closer and Catherine started to distance herself from Heathcliff. Later both of them declared themselves as lovers. 

Later Cathrine tells Nelly the words of her mind. She told her that Edgar proposed to her and she accepted his proposal. Although she accepted his proposal, her love for Heathcliff was not the same as her love for Edgar. She also told her that she couldn’t marry Heathcliff because of his social status. Heathcliff stayed there as their servant while she was the sister of the owner of that house. He was also illiterate. She thought that she would be more helpful to Heathcliff if she married Edgar and use him to upgrade Heathcliff’s social status and made his life more comfortable and smooth. But Heathcliff overheard them and thought that it would degrade her if she marries Heathcliff. Out of frustration and depression, he fled without a trace. As Heathcliff fled away, Cathrine became depressed and started to fall ill. Edgar and Nelly both of them took great care of her to make sure that she might not fall ill again.
If he loved with all the powers of his puny being, he couldn't love as much in eighty years as I could in a day.
Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

Now, the author leads us after three years. Everything was going great. Edgar and Cathrine were happily married and were living together in Thrushcross  Grange. There Cathrine was enjoying her life as the “ lady of the manor”. About six months later, Heathcliff returned. But now he was a very wealthy man. Actually, his cause of return was to hurt Cathrine to take revenge on her because of her betrayal. To achieve his goal, he made himself being infatuated by Isabella, Edgar’s sister. Isabella felt that whatever she and Heathcliff had was love but it was just an infatuation that Heathcliff wanted to use. Cathrine was very happy about Heathcliff’s return. But Heathcliff was not. This thing leads to an argument between Cathrine and Heathcliff. Edgar overheard that and went mad at Heathcliff for talking to Cathrine like that and to walk and be around her. Later he restricted Heathcliff’s meeting with Cathrine. Out of pain and anger, Cathrine locked herself up in her room and again started to fall ill. But this time she was having Edgar’s unborn child in her.
dirty politics

Now Heathcliff had started his dirty politics. He started to teach Hareton how to gamble and all other bad habits. Soon after Hareton pledged his farmhouse to Heathcliff because of loads of his debt to him. Heathcliff also married Isabella secretly. But Isabella was unhappy with him as her letters to Nelly serves proof of it. After two months of their marriage, they returned to Wuthering Heights and found that Cathrine’s health is at the edge. He secretly visited Catherine. Later the next day she gave birth to a girl child and named her Cathy. But unfortunately, Cathrine died just after Cathy’s birth. 
After Cathrine’s death, Isabella left Heathcliff and went to a refugee camp in the South of England. There she gave birth to a boy child and named him Linton. Almost after six months, Hindley died and that made Heathcliff the legal owner of Wuthering Heights.
Almost twelve years had passed since Cathrine’s funeral. Cathy had grown up and became a beautiful and smart girl. Here, Edgar came to know that Isabella’s time had come, her time would be over soon. So, he went to her to bring back her son, Linton to foster him. Now Cathy was a girl who had never gone outside Thrushcross Grange. So, she took advantage of her father not being at home and started exploring. Later she found out that she didn’t have one cousin, but she had two, Linton and Hareton. When Edgar returned with Linton, who was very weak by health, Heathcliff insisted Linton stay in Wuthering Heights. 
Three years had passed. Heathcliff took Cathy to meet Hareton and Linton in the hope that one day Linton and Cathy might marry each other and Linton would become the sole heir of the Thrushcross Grange. Later, Cathy and Linton became very close and started to exchange letters between them. Nelly found those letters.   
In the next year, Edgar’s became ill and his condition was deteriorating rapidly. His condition became worse when Nelly and Cathy was walking in the field. Suddenly they faced Heathcliff who tricked them to Wuthering Heights and locked both of them and forced them to agree on the proposal of the marriage of Linton and Cathy. Five days later they were released and then Cathy got her chance to say one last goodbye to her father.
As, the master of both Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange, Heathcliff insisted Cathy stay over Wuthering Heights. Linton died shortly after Cathy’s arrival in Wuthering Heights.
Here Nelly caught the present time, i.e, 1801. Mr. Lockwood informed that due to his boredom in the moors, he wanted to leave.
Eight months later Mr. Lockwood returned again and found that Nelly had transferred her job to Wuthering Heights to replace Mr. Zillah. The relationship between Hareton and Cathy had developed and they planned to marry on New Years’ day. When he left the place he passed beside the grave of Heathcliff, Edgar, and Cathrine. To feel the silence in the air he stopped for a while and then again walked away.  

wuthering heights quotes

I have not broken your heart - you have broken it; and in breaking it, you have broken mine.
Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights


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