Hatchet Summary and Review By Gary Paulsen

Short Summary : Hatchet

 Gary Paulsen, one of the most popular American writer on the field of adventure, born on May 17, 1939. He is known for fiction novels and adventure novels. His stories are usually for teenagers. He has written more than 200 books and over 200 magazines. His notable achievement is Margaret Edward Award from American Library Association for his contribution to teen novels.

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Author- Gary Paulsen
Ratings- 4.0/5

The hero of the story of Hatchet is a thirteen-year-old boy named Brian Robeson. He was traveling to Canada from Hampton, New York on a Cessna 406 plane to visit his father. Actually, Brian's parents were divorced because of a secret affair with his mother. This divorce was affecting Brian a bit too much. In the plane, the pilot was teaching Brian a brief flying lesson in which he was able to fly the plane for a few minutes. But unfortunately, the pilot was not feeling well. He was experiencing pain over multiple parts of his body. At first, Brian took that as a joke. But when the pilot started jerking in his seat, Brian realized that he (the pilot) had a heart attack. So, he quickly took over the pilot seat and nearly crash-landed the plane in Canadian woods. Brian became stranded.

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Now, Brian was on his own. He had to take care of himself. He had to survive with only a hatchet which was a gift from his mother. In the island he found some strange berries to satisfy his hunger. But those berries made him extremely sick. Then he constructed a shelter where one night he heard the sound of a porcupine. He threw the hatchet towards it. Porcupine was dead but it shot its quills into Brian's leg causing excruciating pain. Eventually, he learned how to spark a fire by rubbing stones. One day a plane flew over Brian without noticing him, it devastated him. Sometimes Brian considers death over his life, but whenever he tried to take his own life, he failed. It felt like Brian was going through hell. After all of these Brian was still leading his life with a hope that maybe one day someone would rescue him.
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One day there was a tornado which swept over his shelter. The day after the tornado, Brian noticed that the water of the lake became muddy and the tail of his plane (Cessna 406) emerged from the lake. It reminded him about his dead pilot. One night while lying on his bed an idea flashed into Brian's head. The idea was that he could search for a supply package on the plane. Without wasting any time, the next day Brian prepared a raft and went towards the plane. Fortunately, after searching for hours, he successfully retrieved the supply package. In the process, he dropped his hatchet into the water. As usually he dived in and found it. On his way to the surface, he suddenly saw the dead body of the pilot, his head was half eaten by fish. He was so frightened that it made him sick. He quickly went into the shelter and had some sleep.
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Next day when he opened the supply package, he saw many things. Some of which he rejected in favor of self-sufficient method which he developed in woods. He noticed that there was a lot of freeze-dried food. He cooked them immediately and ate. But there was more in the supply package, he found a device labeled as "Emergency Transmitter".He played it but nothing exciting happened. So he threw that away. But actually, when Brian was playing with that, he unknowingly generated a distress emergency signal which was caught by a nearby plane. When Brian was having his meal, a plane landed on the island an found an astonished Brian and rescued him. He went to his father and stayed thereafter but never consoled his mother's affair.

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