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Into the Water Book Summary & Review

 Into the Water Book Summary & Review
Beckford is not a suicide spot. Beckford is a place to get rid of troublesome women
Paula Hawkins, Into the Water

About the Author

 Paula Hawkins

Paula Hawkins is an English writer. Her best selling book is a psychological thriller, The Girl on the Train which she published in 2015. Later this book was adapted as a movie. Her second thriller is Into the Water which she published in 2017. She also writes in her pen name, Amy Silver. By occupation, she is a novelist as well as a journalist.



This is a murder mystery. There are many times where the actual narrator has changed. Actually, this story is told from every character’s perspective. At first, it might feel complicated but as you go deeper and deeper in this book, you will find the essence of this book. So, without wasting any more words, let’s start the summary.

If you are interested in reading and enjoying the whole book, then please read the book and enjoy. This is an overview and summary of the book. Hope you will like it !!!

Jules Abbott was informed that her sister Nel’s body was found drowned in the natural pool of water known as the Drowning Pool, at the foothills of Beckford. Later a boy named Josh found that her mother was missing, when she returned home, she told him and her husband about Nel.

Jules went to Beckford to identify Nel’s body and to see Lena, her niece. Lena was a teenager who was very sarcastic and a joyful person. The death of her mother had changed her personality completely. She was convinced that Nel had committed suicide. When Jules went to the hospital for identification, she found that it was Nel but there was no bracelet that she wore all the time. A new detective was transferred to Beckford from London, Mr. Erin Morgan, he asked his colleague Sean about her bracelet, on which Sean replied that he didn’t find any bracelet from the victim’s body. Later Jules returned to Nel’s house and she found a cigaret lighter with letters LS engraved on it in Nel’s bedroom. She also found a manuscript named “The Drowning Pool”, on which she was working on. This manuscript held the record of all the people who had died in that pool since the 16th century.

Mark and Louise Whitaker met at the river where Louise told him how her daughter had committed suicide in the Drowning Pool. Nickie Sage, a local occultist who believed that the pool had some evil magic power that contemplates its victims.

Later at Nel’s funeral, Jules was rewinding her memory and she was thinking about a day in her life decades ago. On that day, Jules had tried to drown herself in that pool because she was on her period and was bleeding heavily then she was raped by her friend Robbie. On that day Nel rescued her. Jules also remembered a note that she found in “The Drowning Pool” next to Nel’s entry on Lauren Townsend. It was written that troublesome women were getting rid of in the Drowning Pool.

Reading further we find that a young girl named Libby was drowned in that pool because she was accused as a witch in 1679. Lauren, Patrick’s wife had committed suicide in that pool too.

Later on, cleaning Katie’s closet, Louise remembered a necklace wore by Katie given to heer by Lena. On searching, Katie’s clothes, Louise found drugs on which Nel’s name was written. Louise took those pills to Sean and Erin went to interrogate Jules about those pills. At first, Jules was shocked and refused to admit that those were her sister’s. Then meeting with Mark Whittaker, Erin asked about Lena and those pills. Later Mark went to school and then to Helen’s office from where he stole Nel’s bracelet from Helen’s desk.

Now Sean and Eric went to Whittaker’s house to investigate further. There they met with Louise and she told them that the camera that was set up at the Drowning Pool was destroyed out of rage. Later Lena confessed that those pills were purchased by her using her mother’s credit card and those pills were all diet pills. In the past, Katie committed suicide in that pool but the motive of her action remained unknown.

Josh told Sean about his father’s affair. Lena later revealed that she was having an affair with Katie when she threatened Katie about it, she committed suicide. Louise later found that the bluebird necklace was actually given to Katie by her friend Mark. After the departure of Louise, Lena told Jules that it was actually Nel who threatened to reveal their affair. The next morning when Jules woke up, she found that Lena was missing.

The river can go back over the past and bring it all up and spit it out on the banks in full view of everyone, but people can’t

― Paula Hawkins, Into the Water

Mark was attacked and out of fear he grabbed his car and fled to Edinburgh. Later he realized that it was Lena who attacked him. However, Jules had figured out that Robbie was actually Lena’s father. She went to Robbie’s house to find Lena and to confront him too. There came to know the truth, Robbie told her that he told Nel that he had rejected Jules that's why Nel was cold to him. Finding her anger was misplaced Nel, Jules went to the Drowning Pool and let herself sink in it.

Seeing Jules killing herself, Erin pulled her out of the water and saved her life. Erin also told her that they found blood in Mark’s house. Now everybody was trying to find Mark. Meanwhile, Nickie told Jules that Patrick had murdered Lauren.

Later, Sean drove to Howick to find Lena. Lena and Mark had a hard fight and Mark taunted her with Nel’s bracelet. Lena hit hard that made Mark go unconscious. Later Lena drove home and showed Jules Nel’s bracelet and told her that Nel didn’t commit suicide. She was murdered.

Later Erin discovered that Sean and Nel had an affair. Patrick accused Erin that he had an affair with another female officer and also he had no moral values in his life. Jules arrived in the scene and confronted Helen about the bracelet. Enraged with anger Patrick accidentally confessed to Nel’s murder. The book came to an end by Patrick went to jail and others were moved on with their lives and Sean remembering the night when Nel took him to the Drowning Pool and he pushed Nel to the pool leading to her unfortunate death.
 The things I want to remember I can’t, and the things I try so hard to forget just keep coming
Paula Hawkins, Into the Water

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