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This is a short summary of the book Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe is a novel written by Daniel Defoe based on a true story. It is based on a man named Alexander Selkirk, who literally spent 4 years of his life in an unknown island near Chile. In the story, Robinson Crusoe played the role of Alexander Selkirk. Its an autobiography on the behalf of Robinson Crusoe. He tells the story to small kids at his old age. The island where Alexander spent 4 years is named as Robinson Crusoe Island in 1966 after this novel. Here is an overview of the novel. Read the novel to know the story in detail. Read the overview, hope you like it!!!
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 Author- Daniel Defoe

Ratings- 4.2/5

The story is pictured in the 17th century when there were no mobile phones to communicate, no computer to monitor the movement in the sea and many other things that we can imagine today was only a dream at that time. So we have to imagine that these modern gadgets didn't exist at that time to understand this story. So, here we go!!!
Robinson lived in England. Since childhood, Robinson wanted to go on an adventurous voyage. His father was his greatest rival at that time. He constantly advised Robinson to stop dreaming about voyages. But he was very passionate about voyages. So one day without telling his parents, he left home. Then he joined a crew in London and set sail. In the midway, the ship was struck by a storm. The storm was so dangerous that it sunk the ship. Fortunately, some other sailors were passing by, they rescued the crew along with the captain. As soon as they reached the shore, the captain told him to go back home. Robinson became sad and ultimately he found a way out.
Reaching London, he joined another crew which was going to Guinea. This journey was different from before. This time he successfully went to Guinea, not only that, he traded there. But unfortunately, the captain of the ship died so he gave some of his money to the widowed wife of the captain and joined another crew. This time he was not lucky. They were attacked by pirates and captured by them. They made Robinson a slave. He did slavery for almost 2 years. Sometimes he became so frustrated that he tried to run but all went in vain. In the meantime, he got a friend named Zury. They became good friends. Their friendship was so deep that they were always planning to escape from there. One day they got the chance and escaped from there with a fishing boat. But their plan was not strong enough to live. So they just sailed with the flow of the sea. In the end, they reached to African shore where they were taken good care by the native Africans, and they met a Portuguese crew there. The captain of the crew offered Robinson that he could use captain's help but in return, he had to sell the fishing boat and his friend Zury as a slave. For survivability, he did that, and the captain took him to Brasil.
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 In Brasil, he bought a small piece of land and started farming. Day after day he did farming. After having some good profit, he wanted to buy more land and slaves for farming. For that, he had to go to Africa again. This time the voyage was really terrible. He set sail along with the crew and the captain. In the midway, a storm struck the ship. The captain ordered the crew to move back because the ship was too weak to fight the storm. But Robinson encouraged captain to fight the storm. Unfortunately, the storm destroyed the ship and all the crew died without Robinson. He reached the shore of an unknown island on a wooden plank. Next day, when he woke up he saw himself on an unknown island and the destroyed ship. Fortunately, the destroyed ship was not so far, he could swim up there. So he decided to swim up there and see what happened to it. As soon as he saw all the crew members were dead, he was devastated. After thinking for a few moments, he again went inside the ship and took all the necessary stuff for him like food, weapons and many more. Now the difficult task was to bring things to shore from the ship. So, he made a wooden boat and somehow he managed to bring those stuff back. Then he made a shelter for himself and made a boundary wall around it to keep himself safe from wild animals. Day by day he was improving his shelter. He was holding on to only one hope, i.e, one day someone would come and would rescue him. But after passing a few months in that island he was losing hope and decided to stay in that island for the rest of his life. Now he started killing animals for survival. Not only that, he started taking care of domestic animals for milk, wool, etc.
 A few years passed, now he started to become religious. His philosophy of life changed. He started writing his daily routine. He even had his own journal. One day he was hunting an animal and suddenly he saw barley and decided to grow it. So now he started farming barley. Day after day he learned pottery. So now he was comfortable with his life on the island.
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 One day he saw big footprints on the sea beach. He was so frightened that he quickly ran into his shelter and realized that no human has that many big footprints, whoever's footprint were that he must be a cannibal. Once he thought that he should kill all the cannibals with everything in his arsenal, but as he became religious so he decided not to kill them rather he will wait for them to go. After some days he literally saw a group of cannibals going somewhere with a living breathing human.
 He followed them and saw that they made a campfire and all were dancing around it just like they were celebrating before killing the human. He quickly fired towards them and killed almost all of them and rescued the boy. But the problem was that the boy didn't know English. So Robinson decided to teach him English. He even named the boy, Friday as he rescued the boy on Friday. Now both became good friends. After a few classes, Friday told Robinson about his life and how those cannibals caught him and all those stuff. Now, as Robinson got a new friend, he promised Friday that they would go home one day. After some days they again saw a few cannibals with a group of humans and Robinson rescued them too. Luckily one of them was Friday's father and one was the captain of their ship. As Robinson rescued almost an entire crew, they started to call Robinson their master.
Days passed, years passed, 23 years to be exact. One day a rescue ship came to rescue the captain and the crew. Now they included Robinson with them. So now he was heading towards England, his homeland leaving 23 years old living in that unknown island.
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After reaching London, he came to know that his parents died and he had no relatives and family. He started his business again, started to live his life again. Later he married, although it was a late marriage, he did. After getting married he decided to go to that island again to see what's going on there now. As he reached the shore of the island, he couldn't believe his eyes. There was a colony now. He saw children were playing with sand on the beach. In the end, he was telling this whole story of his life to those children on the beach.

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